Monday, April 25, 2011


For all intents and purposes, our vacation home in Barbados is complete.  Here it is in different lighting and moods.  Enjoy!!
John & Tracy

In the mid morning sun

Planters ready for dessert roses

At dusk

Moon rise

Ready for a new day

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Almost there...

It's been a journey however we're almost at the end.  John will be in Barbados this week supervising the finishing touches.  He'll bring back photos to post.  Here's some of the action of the past few weeks.
John & Tracy

Scaffolding finally gone

Washed aggregate driveway

Granite and back splash in

Time to test drive the furniture arrangement

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Contest Winner(s)

There were two correct responses to February’s contest. 

The beer of Barbados is Banks.  The pilsner style lager has been a favourite in Barbados and the Caribbean since 1956.

...and, sorry folks, Rihanna has never pitched beer for Banks; but Tracy Currie (nee Simpson) has, back in the pre-Google and digital photography age.  Congratulations to Art and Sheila for some great detective work (they emailed the brewery) and to Kirk and Cait (who may have had an inside edge). 

As there were only two correct responses, both parties were contacted and offered the 100% surety of a six pack each, or a winner takes all draw for 12.  Not being high stakes gamblers they wisely chose the beer in hand.   

Enjoy your prize responsibly!! 

Thank you to all who entered.  Perhaps some of you will join us for a pint of banks in Bimshire next winter.
The Banks Girl... 20 years later at Soup Bowl

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Contest

The Question: 
Please answer both parts.

Part One:  What exactly is the beer of Barbados?

Part Two:  Which of the following four Bajan singers was featured on a Banks Beer T.V commercial?
  1. Rhianna
  2. Des'ree
  3. Tracy Currie
  4. Alison Hinds
  • Eligibility: Open to anyone who is on John and Tracy’s Blog Email Mailing List.  (If you received this email directly from, you’re eligible)
  • Contest Period: Starting on February 13th, 2011 to February 23rd 2011 11:59pm EST
  • Participants may enter the contest by emailing their answer to
  • Contest Entry: Upon submission of the correct answer to Part One and Part Two, by email, eligible participants will be entered into the Contest for one (1) chance to win the Prize.
  • Contest Entry Restrictions: Participants are restricted to one (1) entry per person, per household. 
  • Awarding of Prize: The Prize will be awarded to the participant whose entry, with both correct answers, has been randomly drawn.
  • There will be one (1) prize awarded for the February contest as follows:
  • Twelve (12) bottles of Banks Beer, brought direct from a shop in Oistins, Barbados to Stratford, Ontario.

Exterior almost finished

Not many visible changes.  Outside nearing completion.  Next blog we should move on to the interior...

Roof complete.

Pergola posts in place.

Entry posts started.

Most windows now in.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Five Weeks to the Finish

We're back from Barbados (for a while)...  Things are looking good.  On our next trip, we'll be moving in.

The cupboards are bare, for now... love the tiles

Roofing gymnastics

Working three levels at once

Ceiling almost closed in

Choosing the finishes

Finial in and roof going on